It wasn't much later when John discovered rock-hero Yngwie Malmsteen and bought his first Fender Strat. After having played in many bands, a lot of gigs and with great musicians, finally his father's musical roots started to show and John got intrigued by gypsy-jazz music. Within a few years John has already had the privilege to meet and jam with musicians such as Stochelo Rosenberg and Paulus Schäfer, perfecting his style along the way.

Nowadays John plays lead guitar in two gypsy-jazz bands, Moods and En Garde, and frequently plays with other gypsy-jazz musicians such as Christiaan van Hemert en Irene Ypenburg.

John Rijsdijk started playing guitar when he was nine years old on a guitar his father, who was a jazz musician, built for him. John was soon playing pieces by Vivaldi he learned by ear. His two elder brothers, who played the drums and bass guitar, noticed his talent and it didn't take long for them to start a band together. They began by playing rock covers, but John soon started exploring the possibilities of writing his own music.