CD available now!

Order yours: ireneypenburg@gmail.com

My new album 'LOVE IT ALL' is now available as a fysical CD, with a nice booklet with photo's and the lyrics of the songs. Of course also Spotify and other streaming services.

I am so grateful for the loving cooperation of some of the best musicians in the world: Nous'che Rosenberg, Paulus Schäfer, Feigeli Prisor, Mozes Rosenberg, Robin Nolan, Benjamin Hermann, Govert Veltkamp, Stephane Wrembel, Nick Driscoll, Omer Ashano, Mauro Albert, and Marcelo Sanfoneiro Cigano.

The songs are in Romanes (Sinti), English, Russian and French. It was an inspiring project for which I did literally everything except playing bass or solo's: composed the music, wrote the lyrics, played rhythm, sang all the songs, produced the album, designed the digipack and the booklet and did all the photography and artwork.

RECORDED IN Netherlands: Energy Studio, Q studio, Studio Mikel Le Roy; USA: Studio Rod Savant, Windmill Agency Studio, Wrembel Home Studio; Israel: Studio Ashano; Brazil: Wave Studio.